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Elm Creek Court Townhomes of Champlin, MN 55316

Elm Creek Court Townhomes of Champlin, MN 55316Post courtesy of Heidi Herda Real Estate ~ Your Champlin Realtor & Resident! 612-807-4858See all Champlin Townhouses For Sale Elm Creek Court Are you looking to Sell a home in Elm Creek Court, Champlin
Why Do People Live in Champlin?
Champlin is snugly situated near the Mississippi River and offers a ton of affordable housing. Champlin has more than a handful of parks which include Andrew's Park Splash pad, and a Skate Park, a Lifetime Fitness, ice rink, movie theater, and easy commuting access to Highway 169 and Highway 610 to help your morning commute. Champlin also offers restaurants, grocery stores and coffee shops with three small strip malls with ice cream shops, Chinese Restaurant, and Fast Food locations. All the conveniences and a little smaller community feel than the neighboring Brooklyn Park and Maple Grove areas. Find all your favorite Champlin spots, at my Champlin community pages.
Why Find a home in Elm Creek Court To…

20 Moving Tips For Selling Your Home!!

20 Moving Tips For Selling Your Home!!
Courtesy of Heidi Herda, Keller Williams Classic Realty ~ 612.807.4858

If you're planning to sell your home soon, the task of moving is typically the worst part. I have put together a few moving tips to help ease the inconvenience of a move.
1. The day you're planning to completely empty out your home, pack an overnight bag. This will be your essentials you'll need either when you get to your new home, or first thing in the morning. These should include things like: Contact case/contact solution and a pair of glasses if you need themPrescriptions/vitaminsToothbrush & toothpasteWash cloth, mini shampoo, conditionerFace wash, hair brush and hair tiesChances are, you'll be too tired to find these things after unloading and will need them right away in the morning.
2. After your overnight bag is packed, make sure you have an "open first" box which will include larger items that you will need first. These should include things…